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Fireplace Decorative Fans

fireplace decorative fans

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DSCN0737 (2)

DSCN0737 (2)

Here is one of the things that we customized when building our Wayne Home. We took the 4th Bedroom and removed the wall and door and made it an open loft. . We continued our oak rail and spindle the whole length where the wall had been removed. We also changed the downstairs den from a single door entrance from the hallway to a double entrance from the great room and cased the entrance way in oak. 6 Foot Pella windows replaced the the standard in the den. We also added can lights to the great room, a large decorative ceiling fan, Accent walls, and ran the stone on the fireplace to the ceiling. We have showed our home 4 times and recieved 4 refferals in the past 4 months! The last couple who viewed our home and is also building the Fairfax informed us that removing the 4th bedroom and making it a loft is now an option Wayne homes offer thanks to the Niles's! Lol. Actually it was a last minute change we made and it is such a dramatic change to this plan, people always comment on that specific detail of our home!
Thank You Wayne Homes your the best!

Vintage White Shabby Chic Repurposed Fan Window

Vintage White Shabby Chic Repurposed Fan Window

This is a very unique piece. It was an old window that was salvaged from a home. When I first saw it, I wasn't sure if I could fix it up. After looking at it awhile, I decided to take the challenge! It came out really pretty. I love the shape of it. It reminds me of a hand fan.

I think the perfect place to put it is on your fireplace mantle. When I took the pictures for Etsy it looked amazing on top of a fireplace.

It measures 16 3/4" x 33".

Please note that on top of the piece there were several screw/nail holes. I filled them and patched them up as best as I could. Please look at the pictures to see them so you can judge their appearance.

fireplace decorative fans

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